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Editorialement Indépendant. Financé par ses lecteurs. Cette fois, je voulais être plus frontal. Ça nous a tous les deux plongé dans des états pas possibles. Lui se débattait avec sa sexualité et projetait des choses sur moi. Est-ce un titre qui te convient, Olly?

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Sahar is trained as a lawyer specialising in international human rights law. OutRight is indeed uniquely placed. Prior to , when we formalised the plan as it exists today, we would do UN work, but with a focus on human rights mechanisms moderne Geneva and a more ad-hoc coopération in New York, such as making submissions on LGBTQI issues to human rights treaty bodies with civil society partners in specific countries or bringing speakers to sessions and interactive dialogues. So we decided to shift our focus, also taking into consideration that we work with a lot of great colleagues overseas, like ILGA the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association , which is permanently based and has staff in Geneva, or COC Netherlands, which has easier access than us to Geneva mechanisms. So it made sense, given that we had great colleagues working moderne Geneva and we were the only ones based here, to try and make sure we were using our resources constructively and thus covering all spaces. As a result, we now focus specifically on the UN moderne New York, which is quite période interesting landscape. While there are 47 states at a time that are actively engaged with the Human Rights Council in Geneva, all states that are UN members have a constant presence in New York, throughout the year. This creates an opportunity juridiction continuous engagement. This group provides the space to do LGBTQI advocacy throughout the year and gives us franc access to the 28 member states involved.

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S'abreuver since then, Despentes has shown that her artistic register comprises far more notes and nuances; correspondingly, her mediatic image has somewhat evolved over time. In fact, Despentes is also a very self-reflective, theoretically sophisticated and ethically engaged writer. This article, dedicated to a detailed analysis of her latest novel, Apocalypse bébé other texts, moderne particular her essay King Kong Principe, are taken into consideration, as wellfocuses on various aspects of meta-literary and meta-medial reflection in Despentes' work; personne her observations on new media, the changes they induce in social life and the construction of human subjectivity, but also in the realm of literature; on her parody of the contemporary literary business; on her representation of diverse 'troubles of authority' moderne the age of Amazon and Wikipedia; but also, in a larger sense, on the sociocultural functions of narrative, on the delicate question of période ethics of fiction, on the ambiguïté of writing between subversion and symbolic violence; and, finally, on the deconstructive meta- poetics of terror displayed moderne Despentes' 'apocalyptic' novel. Introduction: Virginie Despentes revisited Since her debut with Baise-moi, Virginie Despentes has, undoubtedly, become one of the big 'brands' of the contemporary French literary landscape. Initially, her controversial literary and cinematographic work was, above all, associated with strategic appel, 1 [f]eminist trash cf. Extremely successful in creating her own 'label', she is also strongly critical of her public persona, expressing her desire to emancipate herself from the cliché 'Despentes', incessantly recycled in the media: Baise-moi installé une Despentes vachement construite.

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